"Meditation is one of the greatest arts in life (...) and one cannot possibly learn it from anybody, that is the beauty of it." Jiddu Krishnamurti


  • We are always in problem-solving mode. Even when we think we are in the present, we are looking for what'll happen next.

    • Thinking is useful but constantly losing oneself in thought is a nightmare.

    • We are unaware of the the story we are telling ourselves all day long.

  • Meditation is the practice of running your brain in "debug mode".

    • Create space between your thoughts by being aware of them.

    • "We suffer more in imagination than in reality" – Seneca

  • One can't fail at meditation.

  • The practice isn't about staying in focus but coming back into focus.

    • coming back to paying attention to the breath

    • building up an "attention muscle".

  • It's better to ask "how am I relating to what’s happening?" than "what is happening?".

    • How we think about our experience changes the experience.

  • Be kind to yourself.

  • It's not about sitting. Walk around and practice accepting the moment you are in without making judgements.

But how does it work (studies)?