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Modern web is a Panopticon's guard wet dream. We are being tracked by both private and state organizations. Data is the new gold rush and "Surveillance Capitalism" is the biggest game in town.

What I use

Browser: Firefox with add-ons + configs and Tor; Firefox mobile and Tor for android with orbot. Currently trying out LibreWolf Browser and Brave Browser.
Text messaging: Signal
Email: Mailpile on pc and K-9 Mail on mobile. I've changed my email accounts to protonmail and tutanota, but I'm still forced to use gmail sometimes.
Search: I'm a DuckDuckGo user since 2011 and it's getting better and better. A few others: Searx, Qwant, MetaGer, Swisscows.
OS: Debian with i3 window manager. Sometimes Tails. Trying out EndeavourOS.
Mobile OS: LineageOS
Password Manager: KeePassXC
2FA: FreeOTP for two-factor authentication.
Online Communication: (former Riot).
VPN: ProtonVPN