Research papers

Kevin Kelly on understanding technical papers:

The best way I’ve found to understand a very technical or scientific paper is to search YouTube for someone to explain it. The ideal is to find a journal club report. Journal clubs are informal groups who share the task of explaining an interesting paper to each other. Each member rotates in picking a paper to explain to their peers. This is 100 times better than having the author explain it, because authors assume too much prior knowledge. It is better to have a newbie who just figured it out. If you are lucky, a journal club will video their reports and post. Search YouTube with the paper’s title or topic and add the term “journal club.”


Create a new bookmark. Paste the code below in the URL box. When you are on a site with a paper behind a paywall, click on the new bookmark you've created. It's a quicker way of typing in front of the article's URL.

javascript:(function(){window.location.href = ""+window.location.href;})();

I don't use sci-hub unless the paper was financed through public means and ended up behind a paywall.

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